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DSL Attendance Policy – Effective 01/03/2023


  • Absent = 1 point

  • Late = 1 point

  • Leave Early = 1 point

  • Return late from break = 1 point

  • 1st point = verbal warning

  • 2nd point = written warning

  • 3rd point = termination (3 points accumulated within a 30 day period)

    • Rolling 30-day period – Points will be removed after 30 days

  • Applies to all employees

Excused Absences:

  • Sickness supported by a doctor’s note

    • Employee must provide a doctor’s notice stating that they were in the physician’s care during the absence, and are able to return to work

    • If someone informs HR that they will be out for an extended period of time due to being sick or giving birth, we will place them on a leave of absence.

  • Bereavement supported by a notice from a funeral home (Ex: Website flyer)

    • Must be an immediate family member of the employee (spouse, child, sibling, parent)

    • Maximum of three days excused

  • Jury Duty

    • Must provide government issued notice

  • Someone who has filled out a request for time off in advance and has accrued enough PTO (Paid time off) to cover the time off


    • Employees must provide a letter with the test result

  • There are no excuses for leaving early

    • Employees must complete their scheduled shift or be issued one point

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