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There are certain standards that should be expected from staffing companies that are delivered regardless of affiliation:



Human Resources Management

Concentrate on Your Company's Core Capabilities

Permanent and Temporary Staffing

Reduce Labor Costs while Balancing Dynamic Demand

Hours Reconciliation with Client Systems

Improve the Capture and Control of Expenses

Operations Management

Decrease Worker's Compensation Exposure

supplier needs and solutions

Operations Management

Decrease Worker's Compensation Exposure


We offer the full-range of human resources and staffing services. We specialize in building, training and developing employees for new facilities or managing the entire labor force for an established facility. We partner with you and align our expertise to provide responsible solutions to your goals. Understanding your needs through years of frontline industry experience, we align our strengths to maximize our benefit to you:

Hierarchy of Employer Needs

Hierarchy of Synergies Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Integrated Partnership

Competitive Pricing

100% Placement

Key Performance Indicator Reporting

Flexible Pricing

On Site Representation

Periodic Business Reviews

best recruitment

Staffing Synergies’ comprehensive recruitment strategy is designed to reach a wide range of potential employees by deploying a diverse lineup of tactics. These include online job listings supported by social media campaigns, advertised in-person hiring events and community outreach.

Staffing Synergies uses our online presence to build a steady and consistent pool of potential applicants that can be called upon as positions become available. Job listings for general labor positions are constantly published on our website [],, and other local job boards. These listings are marketed through our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, which allows us to target a specific audience as they maneuver their job search.

If seasonal ramp-ups or other high number increases in demand are warranted, then Staffing Synergies will market and host a hiring event [i.e. job fair]. These are events that are advertised online as well as through traditional media such as radio and television.

Community outreach is a key component of Staffing Synergies’ recruitment strategy. We have vast experience reaching potential employees through involvement in community institutions such as churches, schools and the chamber of commerce. We regularly canvass high traffic areas with flyers, meet with local church leaders and advertise on community bulletin boards.

Our goal is to gain trust among concentrated pockets of potential employees and our grassroots approach helps us to be viewed as an employer who values the community. We want to be the employer of choice in our communities and we want to have a good reputation among the local population as a means to increase our fill rates and retention ratios.

We have a grassroots High and Low Tech approach to recruiting our candidate Talent Pool. The following are best practices for recruiting potential employees for Staffing Synergies to fulfill customer requirements.

high tech

low tech

Online State and Local Job Centers

Unemployment / Workforce Development Offices

Social Media Presence

Community Centers

Targeted Mailers

Religious and Outreach Organizations

Internet and Email Marketing

Word of Mouth


synergy cycle

As we develop our relationships with our long-term partners, we profile our clients and prioritize your needs to clearly define our collaboration. We have an iterative cycle that produces synergies through the continuous evaluation and improvement of our partnership.

The Synergy Cycle:

  • The Appointment – Meeting to establish our relationship and generate measurable standards and reportable results.

  • The Assessment – Appraising our value and classifies our collaboration.

  • The Agreement – Stating written, detailed, guidelines and expectations.

  • The Accomplishment – Achieving agreed upon standards, goals and guidelines successfully.

  • The Adjustment – Making suitable changes to our long-term relationship by re-addressing guidelines and establishing new standards and/or results.









the staffing synergies advantage

We offer the advantages of a large corporation while providing the benefits of small firm.

corporate advantages



Nationwide Footprint

Customized Service

Fiscally Responsible

Community Connection


Creative Solutions

Proven Standards

Quick Decisions

Competitive Flexible Pricing

Integrated Partnership

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