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Staffing Synergies New Employee Reference Sheet

On your first day, you will be issued a badge that should be shown at the entrance.

Worksite Address:          400 W Lincoln Ave

                                          Lititz, PA 17543

Contact Name:                1st Shift:   Ana Millan


Contact Phone:               1st shift:   717.627.9199


Shift Time:                       7:00 AM to 3:30 PM (1st)



Follow the road after turning onto gate #4. When you get to the traffic light, you make a quick left. You’ll be turning into the parking lot. You’ll see the double doors to your left once you come in, we will be sitting at the front.


Be sure to arrive  by 6:45 AM. That will give you enough time to stow your personal belongings and go to the rest room. By 6:50, we will gather the group and head towards the PPE station. That will give us enough time to get our hair nets, beard nets and glasses, as well as walk comfortably to the line where everyone will clock in and be on the line by the 7:00 AM start time.

Dress Code:        


  • Shirts must meet the belt line, even when reaching, with sleeves that cover and conceal the shoulders and armpits. Shirts must amply cover the person in a manner that is not perceived offensive or provocative. Clothing that is decorated with jewels or items that may fall off are not allowed. Muscle shirts or tank tops are not allowed.

  • Shoes must cover the entire foot. Sandals and open toe shoes are not permitted.

  • Shorts are not allowed to be worn in this facility.

  • Jewelry (excluding wedding/ engagement rings) is not allowed. Earrings, necklaces, watches, visible body piercings and wallet chains are not permitted.

  • Long hair must be pulled back or secured in the Warehouse/Production areas.

  • False eyelashes must be removed by employees while in the warehouse and production area.

  • Any headgear worn may not impair vision or hearing.

  • Lockers will be available for storage of personal items.

  • Fingernails should be clean and short in length. False fingernails of any type are not allowed to be worn in production and warehouse areas. Fingernails may be painted, but polish must be intact and free from chipping, peeling, nail art or jewelry.

  • Make-up is allowed in moderation with no caking or flaking and excessive perfumes are not allowed due to the potential for product contamination.

  • Eyeglasses must be worn at all times within the Production and warehouse environment. Safety Glasses will be provided to you.

  • Employees are not alowed to bring water in the production area. The site will provide water stations and cone shaped drinking vessels placed within reasonable distances around the facility.

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